Epic Doorslammer Action




Beginning our Epic look at Pro Mod / Top Doorslammers, we have some awesome Outlaw Pro Mod action from 2004. Ignore the cheesy rock and check out some of the superb machinery on display here.As with all good Doorslammer action, this video features long smokey burn-outs and of course, epic racing!  








Nobody likes to see such beautiful machines written off. But if you're gonna do it....do it in style..Check out the onboard shot as one poor racer finds his steering wheel pretty ineffective! These awesome DVD's will soon be available to buy here at Epic Racing....















Bringing things bang up to date now; we have 10 minutes of superb FIA Qualifying from the 2009 Nitrolympics. 






















The Quarter Finals from the 2009 Nitrolympics.
















Just a quickie this time, but when its the world's (at the time) fastest Blown Pro Mod vs the worlds fastest Turbo Pro Mod...they aren't likely to hang around.5.73 seconds 252 mph from Scotty Cannon.









Some fantastic action here from NHRA Pro Modified - at the 2010 Las Vegas meeting.











Some awesome action now, from the ANDRA Top Doorslammer championships.

















Part two....







USA vs Australia Pro Mod vs Top Doorslammer Scotty Cannon gives us the low down on a 5 second pass, before some great racing as the fastest doorslammer racers go head to head at Calder Park.Not great numbers though.....perhaps the top Europeans need to get involved next time!










Part 2








Staying at Calder Park - here are some superb ANDRA Top Door Slammer passes.







Some serious coverage of the ANDRA Top Door Slammers.A bit slow to start with, but stick with it for some awesome onboards shots.














An Epic Racing favourite to finish with, a fantastic ride onboard with Deno Brijeski !